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Passion for the Real

December 2, 2008

Pictures of my eyeballs:

“Alain Badiou had identified the key feature of the twentieth century: the ‘passion for the Real [la passion du réel]’. In contrast to the nineteenth century of utopian or ‘scientific’ projects and ideals, plans for the future, the twentieth century aimed at delivery the thing itself – at directly realizing the longed-for New Order. The ultimate and defining moment of the twentieth century was the direct experience of the Real as opposed to everyday social reality – the Real in its extreme violence as the price to be paid for peeling off the deceptive layers of reality…In the domain of sexuality itself…is not the ultimate figure of the passion for the Real the option we get on hardcore websites to observe the inside of a vagina from the vantage point of a tiny camera at the top of the penetrating dildo? At this extreme point, a shift occurs: when we get too close to the desired object, erotic fascination turns into disgust at the Real of the bare flesh.”

-Zizek, Welcome to the Desert of the Real! (2002)